Canada Code Verification


The Eclipse, Bentley, Stellar and Fuze T50 are listed with AADL.

Order forms can be found here.



The following PDG chairs are listed with ADP:

  • Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair (incl. LT) - WMA5MV005
  • Eclipse Bariatric Manual Wheelchair - WMA3MV005
  • Elevation Ultralight Manual Wheelchair - WM0001203
  • Fuze T20 Manual Tilt Wheelchair - WMK5MV025 and WMA5MV025
  • Fuze T50 Manual Tilt Wheelchair - WMK5MV020 and WMA5MV020
  • Stellar Manual Tilt Wheelchair (incl. GL, GLT, and HD) - WMA5MV010
  • Stellar LEAP - WM0001532
  • Stellar Impact Tilt Wheelchair - WM0001603 



The Bentley is under contract with RAMQ.