Bentley & LT & LT-R Manual Tilt Wheelchairs

20° knee pivot tilt chairs with rugged steel or lightweight aluminum frames.


  • 20° of manual tilt without knee rise
  • Durable construction for heavy use
  • Adjustable wheel location
  • Short wheelbase for maneuverability
  • Available with lightweight frame
  • Low seat-to-floor height
  • Foot and hand propel in tilted position
  • Sizes up to 32" width
  • Transit tie-down
  • Power Tilt available

NEW The new Bentley LT-R with reverse wheel layout. Click here to learn more abot the Bentley LT-R.

The Bentley offers up to 20° of tilt from the front of the seat. This allows the user to keep their feet on the ground while the chair is fully tilted. The rigid frame provides superior stability and maneuverability. 

The standard Bentley’s rugged steel frame makes it a great choice for heavier users or those with high tone/agitation. The lightweight design of the Bentley LT combines the benefits of tilt with a high degree of mobility independence.

Ideal for foot propulsion

No knee rise tilt is ideal for foot propulsion.


Ideal for hand propulsion

Adjustable wheel position allows for easy arm access.

Adjustable seat height, seat depth, back angle and rear wheel

Accommodates a variety of user needs for optimal performance.


Backrest shock absorbers

Providea maximum comfort and protection. (Not available on the Bentley LT)