Eclipse Bariatric Extra-wide Wheelchair

Rigid bariatric chair that turns on a dime.


  • Dynamic back recline option
  • Removable armrests and front rigging for easy transport
  • Forward wheelbase for maneuverability
  • Rigid frame for strength and stiffness
  • Narrow overall width
  • NEW Transit tie downs up to 600 lbs
  • Removable back and rear wheels for easy transport
  • HD Package available

The Eclipse is a rigid chair designed for the bariatric user and supports up to 1000 lbs of occupant weight. Extended casters achieve optimal weight balance on the rear wheels for excellent ease of propulsion. Transit tie downs are now available up to 600 lbs. (read more here)


Removable wheels, backrest and armrests and front riggings for easy transportation.


Forward Wheelbase

Allows for more weight to be distributed on the rear wheels, making it easier for foot, hand and attendant propulsion.

Adjustable Seat Depth and Back Angle

Seat-angle adjustability on chair for comfort and posture control.


Narrow Overall Width

Compact chair designed to allow easy passage through narrow doorways.