Stellar LEAP Manual Tilt Wheelchair

A unique chair with anterior and posterior tilt.


  • Up to 20° ofposterior tilt
  • Foward seat pivot allows for low knee rise
  • 30° of anterior tilt with automatic back adjustment

  • Low seat-to-floor height
  • 30° of linked dynamic back angle
  • Durable construction for heavy use
  • Facilitates standing transfers
  • Adjustable seat height and depth
  • Anterior lift force balanced to user’s weight
  • Power Tilt available

The Stellar LEAP has a tilt range of 45° and combines posterior and anterior tilt in a single wheelchair. The LEAP offers enhanced user function and positioning, as well as standing transfer support through anterior tilt.

Dynamic Recline

Dynamic recline feature allows for 30° of recline throughout the full range of tilting options.


Linked Recline

Automatically opens backrest to minimize thrust during anterior elevation.


One-hand release for fold-down backrest.


Easy-out Front Rigging

An easy-to-grip trigger allows for quick removal of the front rigging.