Canada Code Verification


The Eclipse, Bentley, Stellar (incl. GL and HD), Fuze T20, Fuze T50, and Fuze JR are listed with AADL.

Order forms can be found here.



The following PDG chairs are listed with ADP:

  • Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair - WMA5MV005
  • Eclipse Bariatric Manual Wheelchair - WMA3MV005
  • Elevation Ultralight Manual Wheelchair - WM0001203
  • Fuze T20 Manual Tilt Wheelchair - WMK5MV025 and WMA5MV025
  • Fuze T50 Manual Tilt Wheelchair - WMK5MV020 and WMA5MV020
  • Stellar Manual Tilt Wheelchair (incl. GL and HD) - WMA5MV010
  • Stellar LEAP - WM0001532
  • Stellar Impact Tilt Wheelchair - WM0001603 



The Bentley is under contract with RAMQ.